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caldwell county

Image by mlhradio
Luling, Caldwell County, Texas. Founded in the late 1800′s roughly an hour east of San Antonio, Luling was a sleepy agricultural town until oil was discovered in 1922 – when it turned into one of the earliest American oil boomtowns. Nowadays, with five thousand residents, the heart of the economy still beats with oil.

For tourists, there are several pumping jacks around town that are decorated with various designs. Also, the the Luling General Store has some of the best central Texas-style barbeque brisket I’ve ever tasted (rivalling nearby BBQ capital Lockhart). There is also a local oil-centric museum along the downtown strip, and every year Luling celebrates the ‘Watermelon Thump’. On the south edge of town is the historic and massive Zedler’s Mill – my photos of that place are in a separate photoset. Pictures taken February 15 and August 9, 2008.

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